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Hailey Morrison
Inventory Analyst

June 04, 2023

Start Date

November 30, 2020

Position(s) held at CWH

Merchandise Specialist

What brand(s) do you work for? Camping World What other teams do you work with the most? With my position at Camping World, I get to work with a variety of different teams within the company and outside the company. I usually work with the buyers, inventory team, and web team on a daily basis. However, I also get to work with all of the outside vendors that we buy from. What is your favorite thing about your job and why? My favorite thing about my job is that I am constantly learning something new and doing something different. Whether I learn a new trick in the system or in excel to make my job easier and faster from other members of my team or I get to learn about a new product we are getting. I also get to work with a great group of people. What made you interested in working in the outdoor recreation industry? I was interested in working in the outdoor recreation industry because this industry has been apart of my life since I was very young. My dad has worked for Camping World for over 25 years and he has always taken us camping or to the lake, my whole life. It was almost a no brainer when apply for my position after getting out of college. How has Camping World Holdings helped you succeed as a woman in the workplace? How is this different than other companies you have worked at? Camping World has helped me succeed because of how much I've been able to learn just in the little time that I've been here. I've also gotten to lead with other members of my team on projects, which has been a great learning experience; especially as a young woman who is just getting into this corporate world. This company is different because I have many different women mentors within the Merchandising team that I've looked up to and admired in my time here. They have taught me so much and I only hope to be the business women they are. What advice would you offer other women who are interested in a career at a Camping World Holdings brand? Apply! This company is a great one to work for. You will learn a lot and get to work with some great people.