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Marlene Meier
Tax Manager - Indirect Taxes

September 22, 2023

Start Date

July 9, 2020

Position(s) held at CWH

Tax Senior - Indirect Taxes

What brand(s) do you work for? Camping World What other teams do you work with the most? Tax Department works closely with the Accounting Team, Legal Services and IT Tech Team for implementation projects. What is your favorite thing about your job and why? I have an amazing mentor/manager that is very helpful in many ways. I have several projects on going but the collaboration as a team and other departments is amazing. We work together to get the goals met on time. The culture is great! We still keep a great Work-Life-Balance given the multiple projects we are to meet. Very understanding and Communication is on point with our team and company. This makes work welcoming and manageable. What made you interested in working in the outdoor recreation industry? It was a new industry for me to learn and understand as a Tax Senior and with the business booming why not! New Opportunity for me to continue to grow. How has Camping World Holdings helped you succeed as a woman in the workplace? How is this different than other companies you have worked at? Trust and Confidence given to take on new and exciting projects has gained my confidence in many work areas. Here I have seen projects develop from the start to the end. Helped me understand the full picture at the end. In my prior experience it was handed to me right in the middle of the project with little understanding of what the end scope will be. What advice would you give to someone applying to a job at Camping World? Research and understand the business and the position you are applying for. What can you bring to the team? Can you go above and beyond without being asked to? Come prepared to also interview the company and managers interviewing you. Will this be a fit for you? Know the day to day tasks involved, ask what type of projects would be expected of you to perform with.

Camping World continues to grow, and several projects are always around the corner so be prepared how you can make the next impact to the team and company. It's a amazing company to part of - Good Luck!