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Fabiola Jimenez
Safety And Compliance Associate

September 22, 2023

Start Date

January 3, 2017

Position(s) held at CWH

Safety Coordinator

What brand(s) do you work for? Camping World What other teams do you work with the most? Typically, outside of my team, I work the most with location management such as General Managers and Service Directors. Human Capital is also a great resource to work with. What is your favorite thing about your job and why? My favorite thing about my position is that I have the opportunity to work and communicate with location managers and associates from all over the country. This gives me the ability to frequently learn new things and take hands-on advice from all points of views. There is always someone willing to contribute their knowledge. What made you interested in working in the outdoor recreation industry? I've always liked outdoor activities, I thought it would be nice to get a chance to work for an industry that promotes healthy and unique outdoors experiences/living. How has Camping World Holdings helped you succeed as a woman in the workplace? How is this different than other companies you have worked at? Working for Camping World has giving me the opportunity to grow as a person into a career that have given me a chance to learn and additionally look up to many men and women in important roles. What advice would you offer other women who are interested in a career at a Camping World Holdings brand? I would say come in with an open mind, be open to learning new things and taking on new challenges.