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Nathan Porter
Inventory Analyst

March 29, 2023

Start Date

May 11, 2021

Position(s) held at CWH

Demand Planner, Bath & Laundry, Bedding/Interior Furniture, Books/Games/Hobbies, Heaters & AC, House

What brand(s) do you work for? Camping World, Good Sam What other teams do you work with the most? I work closely with the merchandising team for the departments that are my responsibility. I also work with the space design team on the installation of new Design Centers and am in continuous contact with Distribution Center team members when action is needed to help them receive and ship products. What is your favorite thing about your job and why? My co-workers make the office environment, fun, collaborative, and informative by sharing their collective knowledge on matters that are new to me or areas where I lack institutional knowledge. I enjoy the challenge of meeting goals, even though at times those goals can be time-sensitive and challenging due to circumstances beyond our control. All in all, I find working at Camping World enjoyable and fulfilling because, at the end of the day, our job is to provide customers with the products and services they want and need to improve their outdoor lifestyle. What is the most rewarding project you have worked on here and why? For many of the reasons stated above, the new Design Center rollout has been a challenging and rewarding experience, not only in my stated role as Demand Planner but also with the opportunity to work onsite in the Bowling Green Design Center assisting the space planning team. What charity/cause/activity is most important to you and why? Working at a local level with homeless military vets has been something I've strived to do since being a storefront business owner in downtown Birmingham, Alabama. There was not a day that went by without the opportunity to help those less fortunate have an opportunity for employment, personal improvement, and improved self-esteem. What advice would you give to someone applying to a job at Camping World? Enjoy the ride. At times it can be a roller coaster of projects and expectations but the end reward is always there for those who don't mind a quickly changing environment. There is no doubt in my mind that the ultimate goal here is to improve every aspect of the business. This is both challenging and rewarding but well worth the effort when results are achieved.