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Timothy Shanahan
Sr. Inventory Analyst

March 29, 2023

Start Date

December 1, 2014

Position(s) held at CWH

Inventory Coordinator, Inventory Analyst

What brand(s) do you work for? Camping World What other teams do you work with the most? The new inventory analyst team works most closely with the leadership group at the individual dealerships. We are frequently in contact with the general mangers, sales managers, and market managers of the areas we cover. We also work with the used, transport, and banking subsets of our larger inventory team. What is your favorite thing about your job and why? I find the most enjoyable aspect to be absorbing and dissecting the numbers. Trying to figure out what will happen, what will work, and adjusting on the fly when events don't transpire as predicted makes for a fun and challenging work environment. The constant communication with stores, manufacturers, and other team members helps grow knowledge, spark ideas, and foster relationships amongst those we depend on to keep the inventory and sales coming. What is the most rewarding project you have worked on here and why? My creation of the used inventory matrix was labor intensive but instrumental in the creation of our RV evaluator tool. With the forced input menu for used inventory entry standardized, we are able to assess our own values on trades and compare them to those provided by third parties. This, in turn, has led to our company being able to confidently buy and carry a much greater amount of used inventory than in previous years. Although it was a small step in this process, my efforts in creating the database were crucial for success early on. What charity/cause/activity is most important to you and why? An enjoyable way that I have found to give back is running races in the name of a charitable foundation. Typically, I have raised money for the American Cancer Society. It is rewarding to accomplish a goal and better oneself while helping a noble cause simultaneously. I look forward to resuming this practice as the pandemic wanes and life shifts back closer to normal. What advice would you give to someone applying to a job at Camping World? Never fear asking too many questions. It is a unique industry and many at corporate, the stores, and on the manufacturer side have been around a long time. There is a wealth of knowledge to be gleaned from those that we are interacting with on a daily basis. You can never check sales numbers and metrics too many times. The success of brands and individual floorplans can ebb and flow; some stores may be struggling with a brand that is a success nationally. Different stores excel at selling different subtypes of RVs. It is important to stay on top of these things so that you can speak with a store and address any potential issues.