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Christine Distl
Director of Campground Operations

September 22, 2023

Start Date

September 14, 1998

Position(s) held at CWH

Credit Service Representative, Account Coordinator, Lead Account Coordinator, Senior Lead Account Coordinator, Business Manager

What brand(s) do you work for? Check all that apply. Good Sam What is your favorite thing about your job and why?The best part of my job is the team I work with. Many of us have worked together for more than 10 years, and we have created a fun and hardworking environment together. I believe it is important to work with a team that is collaborative, supportive, trustworthy, and committed to achieving the goals of the business; I am lucky to be part of this team. As a leader, I enjoy opportunities to mentor and develop members of my team. I love seeing the growth and excitement a co-worker has when something finally “clicks” for them as they gain new skills/knowledge.What made you interested in working in the outdoor recreation industry?Growing up in South Dakota, I spent many summers camping and boating with my best friend’s family. Over the years my love for the outdoors has grown with snowboarding trips to Mammoth Mountain and annual vacations to my parent’s cabin in the Black Hills. It is great to work for a company that supports the outdoor lifestyle I enjoy.How has Camping World Holdings helped you succeed as a woman in the workplace? How is this different than other companies you have worked at?During my career at Camping World, I have been fortunate to work with many women in various leadership roles. I am grateful they took the time to see my potential and provide opportunities for me to grow within the organization. These leaders have been great mentors and role models. I appreciate the business knowledge they have shared with me and the road they have paved for the many women in the organization. What advice would you offer other women who are interested in a career at a Camping World Holdings brand?Go for it! If you put in the work, there are opportunities for women to be successful and grow within the organization. You will be supported and empowered by others at Camping World along your journey.What's your Myers-Briggs personality type? ESTJ (Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging)