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Timothy Hope
DC Specialist

March 29, 2023

Start Date

March 22, 2021

Position(s) held at CWH

Holds Associate, Order Picker, Receiving Associate, Inventory Control Associate

What brand(s) do you work for? Check all that apply. Camping World What other teams do you work with the most? Being cross-trained throughout the warehouse makes it possible for me to help with the receiving department, picking, or inventory control as needed. What is your favorite thing about your job and why?My job allows me to have a desk to show off pictures of my kids. I enjoy good hours to ensure time with my family. Also, being able to transfer from Kentucky to Indiana to be closer to my children has been amazing. Love the family atmosphere here at Camping World!What is the most rewarding project you have worked on here and why?I would say the most rewarding project so far would have been the P.I. we had last year. Being able to tackle such a large task with everyone working together to complete a common goal made it possible to finish the project early.What charity/cause/activity is most important to you and why?At the moment, the Lebanon Youth Football League is taking all of my attention. This is the first year my son has been able to play organized football. The community really comes together, which makes it worthwhile when moving away from my family in KY and greatly helps me appreciate my job.What advice would you give to someone applying for a job at Camping World?Being at the top of the camping and RV world you know there will be job security. The work atmosphere is enjoyable. Also, they provide many different opportunities not only for job assignments but scheduling as well.Tell me a fact most people don't know about youI want to be a stand-up comic or have a sketch comedy show one day. I'm also a huge superhero fan.