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Cheyenne Sachleben
Business Development Manager

September 22, 2023

Start Date

Apr 23, 2019

Position(s) held at CWH

Business Development Admin, 4 years, Business Development Manager, 4 months.

What brand(s) do you work for? Camping World What first attracted you to this company? I was recommended by a family member and felt at home from the first phone call to the interview to my first day. What do you find fulfilling about working here? I love the people and company I work for. I love my management team and everything Camping World does to take care of us. It's such a unique company and work environment. I feel comfortable going to work every day and know I'll have some laughs with coworkers while also being able to do my job in excellent conditions. It's a great environment. What are some of your biggest motivators at work? Opportunity for bonuses, healthy competition, great morale and advice. What makes Camping World & Good Sam unique or different from others’ you have worked for?The environment, mostly. I have never worked in a place where I felt so free to be myself and complete my tasks at my pace.What compels you to stay?My coworkers, my corporate leadership, who has always had my back, and the environment. If you were to write a memoir about your life, what would you title it?Look at Her Now